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Hello and welcome to DaveJPS Photography, I am an amateur photographer working around/in Leeds, this is just a temporary home page until I can build a better/more swanky one.

Enjoy your visit .

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Guide to Infrared Photography



Two legs bad, four legs good

Insects &

Creatures of the Deep


CityScapes And Skylines

Planes,Trains And Automobiles


Motorcycle Live 2011

Gold Cup 2011

Cock of the North 2011

WSBK Donington 2011

Carole Nash Live @ NEC 2010

Ramp'd Up @NEC 2010



Racing machines

Performance machinery

BMW motorcycle


Great Yorkshire Show 2014 10-07-14

The Wedding of Jamie and Amy Rowlands 05-04-14

The Wedding of James and Cheryl Fraser 13-07-13

The Wedding of Christopher and Jodie Olie 21-07-12

Come Find Us 2012

Great Yorkshire Show 2012 10-07-12

Leeds Waterfront Festival 30-06-12

Holiday in Rhodes 2012

Trudy Trafford; Equestrian action workshop 04-04-12

The Wedding of Christopher and  Sarah Cockcroft 06-08-11

Testspace Kitchen Leeds-by -the-Sea 16-10-10

The Wedding of Justin and Sara Wrench 02-08-10

Shoufukan Dojo demonstration

Jousting @ Leeds Armories 

TestSpace  05/07-06-10

Marvellous Summer Fete  29-05-10

LsINK @ Leeds Met 09-05-10

Teacups and Tassles @ Found By Create 29-04-10

Dr Sketchey's Madhatter's Teaparty @ Faversham 24-04-10

A Marvellous Vintage Affair @ The Faversham 06-03-10

fire fan

Film Cameras:

35mm Olympus OM1n + 50mm 1.4

120 MF Diana F+

120 MF YashicaMat TLR